Orchard Steering Committee elections announced

Bertrand Le Roy, PM at Microsoft and leader of the Orchard project, has announced today the creation of Orchard Steering Committee, a board responsible for future key (including design) decisions about the project, working closely with the core team at Microsoft. Members of the board will be chosen among the most enthusiastic and active community members in incoming elections.

Hi all,

I've alluded to it before, and now is the time to get this started. We are ready to take the next step in making Orchard a community-based project and incorporating more community participation. We want key decisions (including design) to be handled going forward by a small group of enthusiastic community members in addition to input by the core team at Microsoft. We think about that in the following way:

  • We'll make a call for candidacy for each of the five seats on the committee. Actually, this post is it.
  • Seats will be for a year (with an option to leave early if necessary), and will be renewable.
  • Candidates must commit to spending a portion of their time (personal or professional with their employer's permission) every week. Count on one 1-hour Lync meeting a week usually, plus involvement in feature teams if you so desire. A candidate can be anyone who is active in the community and who is using Orchard. It is not required that you are a ninja coder (although we love ninjas), only that you are passionate and active.
  • The first elected committee will determine the rules of the game going forward, including the voting process, triage, commit rights, etc.
  • One of the seats will be for the job of Benevolent Dictator, whose powers are to be determined. Maybe veto or unblocking stalemates.
  • If we have more candidates than seats, we'll set-up a vote (will be able to vote people who have CodePlex accounts and who have posted at least once on the Orchard discussions).
  • We’ll create a new mailing-list for the committee, that will be public and archived.
  • For each development sprint, the committee will spin up feature teams and make calls for participation. Details on this will follow.
  • We will also need an additional person taking the role of Patch Master (more on this later). This role can be cumulated with a steering committee seat.

All comments on this are of course welcome.

So there it is. Please make your candidacy known to the world by answering this post. Myself (Bertrand Le Roy) and Sébastien Ros are candidates. I will also be a candidate to the role of Benevolent Dictator.

We will leave the thread open for candidacies until 11:59:59PM PST on September 9th, at which point we’ll start the voting process. You will have a week to vote (until 11:59:59PM PST on September 16th), and we’ll announce results on September 19th.


That being said, I’ve obviously thrown myself into the hat for candidacy!Uśmiech I’d be more than happy for your support for my candidacy in the incoming elections.

It would be so nice to be in the center of the project, which you’ve spent endless hours working with, extending and watching it grow from it’s early days. But first and foremost - nothing could happen without the awesome, growing community gathered around the project, helping which I really enjoy! Being a part of the Orchard Steering Committee could help spreading a word about Orchard to a much broader audience, which is what I’ve always been trying to doUśmiech


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