Orchard 1.4 is here!

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Finally! Today we officially announced the new Orchard release - version 1.4. It's a big step forward from the previous, 1.3.10 version, both in terms of performance and features.

Unfortunately, it comes with a price... There are some breaking changes which might cause some modules to stop working. Especially those modules that utilize the routing features (ie. deal with all the items accessible by URLs). It also affects the Advanced Menu module, so the current 1.3 version won't work with Orchard 1.4 out-of-the-box. I'll be submitting the compatible version to the Gallery tomorrow [UPDATE: Unfortunately the module release will be delayed by one day].

You can find detailed information on the release notes page.


  • Raymond de Jong said

    BUG!! :) Well, at least on this blog hehe. It says there are 2 comments on this blog post,but after i summit it would be 3 comments. Btw u changed your site nicely Piotr, done since Orchard 1.4 ?

  • pszmyd said

    Yeah, the counter takes into account the comments pending for approval too (forgot I have to approve comments btw - sorry for keeping you so long;).

    Thanks - yes, It's Orchard 1.4 running my custom Bootstrap-based theme (not the one from the Gallery, though).