One seat on the Orchard Steering Committee - vote!

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Unfortunately, one of the Committee members, Chris Bower, had to leave his position. As a consequence, his seat is now up for election. 

We have three strong candidates: Sipke Schoorstra, Antoine Griffard and Ylan Kunstler.

All guys are very active community members with Ylan being my personal favourite due to the fact that he's not a developer and has a strong marketing/PR/business background. I guess it would be very beneficial for the project to have a Committee member who could handle those Orchard-related activities (like product management, conference organization, strategy and so on) that we, as developers, are not always best at. Just my 2 cents - the choice is yours of course:)

If you had ever wrote a post on the Orchard community forums, you can vote (either publicly or not). Voting is open till Wednesday, July 4th 11:59 PM PDT. 

More information is available here:

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